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What to consider when buying shoes online in South Africa

It is no doubt, buying shoes online in South Africa has become the in-thing. With advanced improvements on the web, e-commerce websites seem to attract more traffic these days.
People love the simplicity and convenience brought by online shops. A platform where they access multiple shoe brands right at their fingertips.
Although efficient, buying shoes online can be quite tricky and frustrating at times. While expecting to have a “Cinderella moment” once your order arrives it can be your worst nightmare. For instance, finding out that the shoes don’t fit you, or it’s not the type you were looking for.
As a result, we’ve put together the following tips you can consider when purchasing shoes online.

1. Shop on sites with clear product images

Aesthetic visuals play a major role in the digital space. They are the reason we keep surfing the web.
So, when it comes to shoes, you want to have a clear sense of the product; the texture, design, finish, etc. Therefore, you need to shop on websites that have clear product images. Sites with dynamic functionality that allow you to zoom the pictures.

Just like when you buy at your local shoe shop, you have an in-depth look at the products. You touch them, look them on all sides, and even fit them. The same experience must be evident when buying your favorite shoes online in South Africa, except that you can’t fit them.
Online shops with a 3D view of the product are the best to buy from. They present all the fine details of the product from all angles. In that case, you can never go wrong with your purchase, instead, you will have more confidence in buying the product.

2. Look for shoe specifications in the product description

While high-quality images play a big part, product descriptions are far more crucial when buying shoes online in South Africa. Yes, it is necessary to have a clear look at the product, but you also need to be aware of what it entails.
That is where shoe specifications come in handy. You need to ensure that you read all the details of the shoes including; material, size, label, and height if it’s ladies heels.

TTP Comfort-Online shoes in South Africa
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Be wary of online shops that do not describe their products in detail. That can often lead to errors, like receiving a wrong order, or perhaps not getting the correct size.
Understand that some shoes look similar visually. But once you read the product descriptions you can tell how one differs from the other. Therefore, good online shops for shoes should have categories, i.e. shoes for women, or shoes for men. Also, the specifications need to be out in the open so you can know exactly what you buying.

3. Ensure you check the shop policies

Online shopping in South Africa

Understanding the shop policies can benefit you in a million ways when buying shoes online in South Africa. For instance, you might purchase shoes from a particular site. You receive the order, then realize that it’s not the design you wanted. You try to return them, and only to find out that they don’t do returns. Now you are stuck with shoes you not interested in. Shoes you probably won’t use.
Had you read the exchange and return policies you would have known that the shop does not accept the returns of items. In that case, you were going to be more careful in your shopping.

4. Note whether payment gateways are secure

It’s a good thing that you can buy your desired shoes with ease and efficiency digitally. But one of the horrors of online shopping in South Africa is having your bank account hacked.

Payment gateway security in South Africa

As a result, it’s always important to check whether your connection is secure before putting in all your banking information. Google usually notifies users whenever they visit such websites.
Good online shops need to assure you that you are safe. They have to specify what security measures they have in place to protect you from cyber fraud. Some of them even have a security policy promising safe shopping.

5. Read reviews from previous customers

Word of mouth always wins in marketing. It enhances our buying decisions. This too applies to online shops that sell shoes in the country. You want to check out reviews from previous buyers. Take note of what they are saying, i.e. comments, critiques, and appraisals.
Dynamic e-commerce sites normally have a product reviews section, which is a good marketing practice.
Above all else, here at TTP comfort, all the above-mentioned tips are part of our branding culture. We ensure that you have an unforgettable experience when you land on our site, particularly the shop page.

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