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How to buy comfortable high heels

Heels are one of the classical shoes most women love to wear. They embody style and prestige, bringing that goddess look. Of course, these shoes symbolize elegance, but it seems a majority of women can’t stand them for a very long time.

Usually, when attending a particular occasion like a church service or a prestigious conference, some women prefer to wear flats and only use their heels on the actual event. Many struggles to walk tall, while others experience pain and discomfort on their feet.

Yes, these are sought-after shoes, and it is always a joyous moment to get yourself a new pair as a lady. However, it is also a nightmare to not enjoy your highly anticipated event because your feet are throbbing, and you want to leave the venue.

So on this blog, we will give you tips on how to buy heels that you can rock all day.

1. Consider the heels height vs your body weight

Understanding and knowing your body weight can be of great benefit when buying your heels. It is no doubt, these type of shoes are attractive. The beauty they hold can make you immediately want to purchase the next heels on display. Nonetheless, buying them is one thing, but to wear them is another story.

Therefore, rather than being propelled by beauty alone, you want to buy shoes you can rock easily anytime, anywhere. The first tip is to be mindful of your body weight over the heel.

For a typical plus-sized woman, a 2-inch height is much comfortable while over 3 inches is best suited for lean women, says Tan France, a British fashion designer.

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2. Choose wedges over sharp point

The notion of choosing stilettos over block heels is always evident in most ladies. Block heels such as wedges or platforms are perceived to be old fashion suitable for the “baby boomers” generation. However, they seem to be more comfortable than stilettos.

While sharp points are beautiful and sophisticated, the small surface area of the heel makes it less comfy to walk in. More on that, they cannot take too much strain from the body. Meaning women of extra weight can’t wear them for a very long time.

Wedges and platform heels, on the other hand, offer a better alternative. They have extra support on the heel, allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed.

Again, not all block heels are outdated. TTP heels are an example that these types of shoes can be incredibly stylish. See the “TTP Ladies Glossy Platform High Heel with Ankle Strap“.

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3. Go for leather or suede high heels

Invest in quality leather heels, and your feet will thank you later. Heels made from leather, suede, or a combination of both are more flexible to adjust to any foot shape.

Leather/suede fabric is always soft. So when integrated into the shoe interior, it could be a big win for you. Your feet will have enough room to breathe as they won’t be squashed in a rigid make.

Best examples would be the “TTP Ladies Court Heel with Elasticated Top Line” or “TTP High Gloss Ladies Court Heel with buckle Strap” which are currently available in our shop.

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4. Get the right size

This is self explanatory, size matters in most of our clothes purchases, particularly shoes. But here we are talking about heels not just any other shoes. In order to walk tall, and freely you want the right size.

Although there are controversies regarding heels size. Some says they must be tight, while others approve that they should be loose. That is why it’s important to seek expert advice from retailers.

At TTP we have valued support for all your shoes related queries. We give you the best advices and recommendations when buying from us.

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