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2021 Trending Winter Shoes in South Africa

The snow is falling, the wind is cold, chilly rain is pouring, hands and toes are freezing. Well, you might have guessed, it’s winter. The season of heaters and more blankets.

Although that might only benefit us when we are indoors. Going out this time of the year is always frustrating and irritating for some of us. We find ourselves overwhelmed with what to wear. I.e. the type of shoes nor garments we need. Some of us even struggle to make buying decisions simply because we want both style and warmth.

It is true, this season might be a bit limiting in terms of clothing, especially if you are a snappy dresser or just someone who love style. You can find yourself wearing less comfy shoes simply because they match your line of fashion.
Nevertheless, we got you covered. This article will recommend some of the warm yet fashionable winter shoes you can try out. Most of us love trends, particularly in shoes. So we thought we might as well dish them out for you.

1. Mid Calf Boots

Boots have always been the conventional shoes we wear in winter. But some boots are not that warm, while others lack that fashion groove. Mid Calf Boots are at a high scale this winter. They are sizzling and very comfortable, giving you a classy modern look.

At TTP we have the “TTP Women’s Suede Three Button Mid-Calf Polar Boots“. They vary in different sizes and color to suit a variety of preferences. These boots are cotton cushioned with PU suede on the top, and side hook buttons making them a perfect piece for winter.

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2. Snow Boots

Block all that chilly wind and free your toes from freezing with snow boots. These are versatile type of footwear. Luckily we have them on stock, “the Ladies Flattering and Charming Polar Boots“.

These have a classic look coupled with PU suede material. They are indeed the go-to shoes this winter since they both accompany warmth and elegance. As a lady, you can rock them with your skinny jeans or slim-fit pants.

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3. Chelsea Boots

Surely you might have heard or seen Chelsea boots before. They emerge back from the Victorian era and were known for horse riding. Chelsea boots have become a trendsetter the recent years. They seem to be very useful in winter seasons because they cover the high-end of ankles, shielding cold in feet.

Another utility is the thick layer skin on the top which gives a sophisticated look. Chelsea boots can be worn as formal dress shoes or smart casual. Here is a sneak peek of our “Men’s Wingtip Chelsea Boots” which are currently available in our shop.

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4. Sneakers

These are one type of traditionally winter shoes. We’ve been adapted to sneakers during this season. Even retailers are now used to sell more in winter. Although at peak, not all sneakers have both style and comfort simultaneously.
Some look good but can’t keep you warm while others are well-cushioned but just don’t look that good.

Fortunately, your Christmas arrived early because we have trendy and comfortable sneakers for this season.
The “TTP Ladies Ankle-High Casual Sneakers” does the most in terms of style and comfort. Also the “Smart and Elegant Upper Laced Foot Covering for Women” are the best to try out this winter.

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